Stephen Stanley’s art and publishing website.

Some art has been uploaded. The e-commerce function has yet to be initiated. If you want to buy anything in the meantime, drop me an email.

I will begin by publishing my ancient old work: drawings and graphic stories from the 60s and 70s. Most of this stuff has never been published, or even seen except by a handful of friends. Most of it will be published “as is.” This will include misspellings and other dyslexic influenced “errors.” I’ve decided to leave this stuff alone so as to have this accurate record of not only where I was when I was young, but the hidden perceptual problems that I was experiencing, if not unknowingly, at least with a whole boatload of trepidation.

I’ll blog each piece here as I post it.

The first is the cover of “All Purpose Comix,” the underground comic I intended to produce.