1976 I immortalized a group of my Kansas City high school friends. The “G. Banks & Bros” thing began after I escaped, but I was made a bro anyway (aka Graffitti Dezine). I’m pretty sure this was the nefarious idea of one Douglas P. Breckinridge aka Gurgenidze, but he can disabuse me of that if he or anyone else ever decides to leave a comment. I included the same middle initial (“D”) when I could think of one, but that was just me. It was unofficial. Hence the God D. Banks moniker. His representation caused controversy. Some had never seen him without a beard. I was privileged to have witnessed such heresy. I’d even seen him without facial hair, but to say as much was blasphemy. This was in the heyday of EST training and my not so subtle attack on the self empowerment bullshit movements at the time. There are too many self-referential things in here to revisit. Most of which I’ve forgotten anyway. There will be two more installments.